Lenessa Colacco and Team members

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Combating the issue of waste segregation using artificial intelligence.

Selva Kumar Konar, Venessa Colaco, Mansi Mandhan, Keerthi Renganathan


Accelerating Ideas by Ramesh Raskar- MIT Labs

Sometimes, one can just come up with an idea by holding onto an adjective. It was one of the best guiding video that I and my team have come across. Ramesh Sir’s remarks triggered new ideas that would be beneficial for our future generations. He spoke about how the digital technologies are impacting the physical world and leading to different conditions. New technologies and the digitalized people which are coming on board are creating billion dollar opportunities. We should think and move linearly and not leniently, with this he associated various examples. MIT Media Lab is working on various projects and in India they have club that holds the same known as “Redx Club”.


Resource Map


  • Shrunkhala NGO,sector 19, kharghar, navi Mumbai.
  • Ekatvam Plastic Recycling Services,Navi Mumbai
  • Daily Dump- YATI e-Sustainable Solutions LLP
  • Manjari Charitable Trust,Adhiraj Gardens
  • Saksham Foundation,Navimumbai, Kharghar, Mumbai

    The basic segregation process starts at home itself,but the awareness regarding the same is not done on a large enough scale.Lack of awareness about the disposal of sanitary waste generated in rural areas.The mode of segregation of waste varies between different municipal corporations with no proper and efficient method being implemented on large scale uniformly.


  • What is the main reason for lack of waste segregation in our society?
  • What are the loopholes in these methods?
  • What can be done to improve the current method of waste segregation?
  • What is the extent of awareness among the people for waste segregation?
  • What can be done to make to this project cost effective and acceptable?
  • WEEK 4

    FIELD VISIT TO DAILY DUMP, AIROLI By Keerthi R and Selva Kumar Konar

    20th June 2019 1.00 PM
    As a part of the project on ‘Segregation of Waste using AI’ a field visit was conducted to Daily Dump Organisation in Airoli, Navi Mumbai Mr. Prem Bhatia at Daily Dump gave his valuable time to discuss the project and also answer the survey questions. He also shared his organisation’s activities on the various methods of waste management.

    Based on the interaction we concluded the following points

    1. The project idea would be functional on a large scale (e.g at municipality level).
    2. The prime focus should be laid on segregation of waste at source i.e. household.
    3. More than 80% of waste is organic and hence can be segregated and made useful at source.
    4. There is a widespread acceptance to such ideas in the society as long as it is feasible and easy to handle.
    5. The current system for segregation is inefficient.
    6. Segregation of waste is an urban problem that requires multiple solutions.
    7. Lack of awareness in society is a major issue.